Rejoice RIC

The Rejoice RIC is our premium custom receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aid that has it all. Customized to your audiogram, the Rejoice RIC features multiple High Definition channels to provide the clearest sound possible.

Rejoice RIC adapts easily and comfortably to everyday situations without the hassle of manual adjustments. It comes with 3 programs to enhance your listening needs in noisy environments or when listening to music. Whether you are celebrating with the family or watching a musical, our Rejoice RIC will make sure that you have an excellent listening experience.

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  • Rejoice RIC Features

    Lightweight Design
    Small, lightweight comfortable fit

    HD Channels
    Multiple high definition channels for sound clarity and fidelity

    Auto sync automatically adapts to sound environment

    Ambient Noise Reduction
    Ambient noise reduction enhances hearing in noise

    Nano-coating protects aid from moisture corrosion

    Programmable Memory
    3 programs for adjustment to listening environment

    Directional Microphones
    Directional microphones allow enhancement of signal to noise

    Feedback Manager
    AFX Feedback canceller reduces whistling

    Comfort Fit
    Flexible tips for comfortable fit within ear canal